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Concerning the human need to measure, comprehend, conquer and solve the existential mysteries of the universe.


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Untitled (69.8x49.6) watermarked loz deliver us

A nonsencical selection


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a series concerning freedom and hope


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Who is to say these Nebula don’t exist somewhere in the infinite expanse of the universe.


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imagined nebula

Loz's painting style has been described as graphic, comic, street art, abstract to pop art. But what cant be denied is her bold use of colour, line and form. Clouds feature heavily in her works for charity and recently in the cloud/geometry paintings. Symbolising hopeful dreams, foolish optimism and paradoxically a spectre of something maybe more sinister. Her mouth studies can be seen as highly charged with sexual energy, created only by planting that suggestion with a mono coloured block.


watermarked loz harison ford

planting that suggestion with a mono coloured block


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