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Untitled (99.7x69.8) Limited Edition Print Hand Finished in 24ct Gold Leaf


Archival quality giclée print on 270gsm 100% acid free platinum lustre paper. Hand finished with 24ct Gold leaf

Limited edition of 9
Individually signed
Available in size A3 / 297mm x 420mm / 11.5in x 16.5in.
Colours may vary slightly due to differences in screens.
Number of print can not be guaranteed.

About the work
This work is concerned with the human need to measure, understand and conquer the existential mysteries of the universe, which we are intrinsically a part, showing the folly yet importance of such endeavours. Adopting the psychological phenomena of Pareidolia and Apophenia, the experience of seeing pattern in random or meaningless data. Mixing this with the Mathematical Golden Ratio expressed as a geometric grid highlights that indistinct stimuli represented by the clouds can be forced to be perceived as significant.