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Watch.This.Space Boutique

St Martins Square, Leicester, UK.

Holburn Gallery

83 Holburn Street,  Aberdeen, UK.

In the studio...

Exhibiting now


Loz creates award for The Short Cinema


Loz creates the 'Best in Festival' award for The Short Cinema

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Twitter Art Exhibit

31st March - 21st April 2016

Trygve Lie Gallery, New York


Open 27

12th March - 8th May 2015

New Walk Museum and Art Gallery

53 New Walk, Leicester LE1 7EA


Imagined Nebula

December 2015 - Present

St Martins Square, Leicester, UK.

Loz in space...

As part of the NASA OSIRIS-REx mission to collect samples from the surface asteroid Bennu, artwork from all over the world will be sent as digital files up with the probe. Loz offered up one of her "Imagined Nebula" pieces so on the 3rd Sept 2016 it shall join hundreds of others to journey through space on a 7 year mission.

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12669659_942349495858768_6848748525335232928_n 1 Loz Atkinson, Imagined Nebula, Masonry Paint, Acry